5 positions at work to relieve your back

Bad postures, stress or unwelcome effects (…), more and more of us suffer from back pain when we are at work. Do you have frequent back pain at the office? Know that it is possible to relieve your pain by performing several standing or sitting positions without having to completely empty your box of Doliprane®! Here are five of them.

Position n ° 1

Are you sitting at your desk? Position yourself at the back of your chair. Your back should be straight, your thighs should be parallel to the floor forming a right angle with your calves. Relax your shoulders; they must be thrown back. Don’t tilt your head forward, keep it straight; your eyes should be aligned with the computer screen if there is. Make sure you stay in this position for as long as possible when you are seated.  

Position n ° 2

Do you feel that your back is contracted? Still seated at your desk, move your seat backwards. Sit on the edge of your seat and extend your legs forward. Then cross your fingers behind the back of the neck and let your head go forward. Breathe deeply while stretching, then release. Repeat this position as often as needed.

Position n ° 3

Stretch your arms up as far as possible while sitting well back in your seat. Slowly exhale through your mouth and hold for 10 seconds. Release your arms down, inhaling through your nose, all for 8 seconds. Repeat this exercise three to four times a day, before or after your breaks, for example.

Position n ° 4

Are you standing chatting with your colleagues in the cafeteria? Are you sure you are holding yourself correctly? Not so sure … Hold your head straight, your neck should be elongated and vertical. Relax your shoulders, they should be horizontal. Make sure to tuck your butt and stomach in and tilt your pelvis back slightly (to support your spine). The weight of your body should be distributed on your feet, your knees should be flexible, your toes flat.

Position n ° 5

A break in the toilet is necessary? Take the opportunity to perform this position out of sight: standing, tilt your torso forward by completely relaxing. Hold for 10 seconds, exhaling slowly through your mouth. Get up by slowly unrolling your back while inhaling through your nose. Repeat this position three times. Finally get back to your office, your back is much better, right?

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