6 tips for getting to bed early

Always running, sometimes it happens that you can’t sleep a night, even if you are exhausted. To make it easier to fall asleep, a golden rule: the absence of stimulation. 

Avoid screens

Movies and series, work, video games, scrolling on social networks, apps of all kinds … At nightfall, screens can become your worst enemy! On the one hand, they disrupt the sleep cycle, on the other hand, they prevent us from seeing the passage of time. Result: an hour spent on Instagram with the impression of having opened the application 5 minutes before. To avoid this, make maximum use of an app that decreases blue light and move away from screens as soon as possible. And don’t forget your phone… Switch it off or put it in airplane mode. As a bonus, the planet will thank you!


Constantly in demand, it is sometimes difficult to let go and take a break. During your evening, give yourself a moment of well-being, even a short one. To do this, evening yoga helps to relax the tensions accumulated during the day. By ending with a relaxation, you will immediately feel the soothing benefits of this practice! You can practice meditation, which fights anxiety and helps reconnect with yourself. A very simple breathing exercise involves taking a deep breath for four seconds, holding your breath for one to two seconds, and then exhaling for six to eight seconds. You can repeat the exercise ten times.

Adopt a sleep ritual

Habits can greatly help you fall asleep. Because our brains work by ritualization, performing the same action every night before sleep is a signal to them that it is time to go to bed. After several days – on average 21 – your body and mind will develop a habit of calming down and the path to sleep will become automatic. And yes, the bedtime ritual is not just for children: it works on you too! You can do this by reading, filling out a gratitude notebook , listening to a relaxing podcast, taking a cold shower,  or drinking a rooibos tea. Another tip: go to bed at the same time every night. Likewise, this habit will become automatic and fall asleep faster.

Prohibit yourself from energy drinks

After a certain time, coffee, tea, fruit juices or sodas should be avoided. It is advisable to stop drinking it after 5 p.m., because the action of sugar, caffeine and theine give a boost that you no longer need. Don’t fool your brain! If you feel tired, prefer to eat a handful of almonds. They give you energy, without preventing you from sleeping in the evening.

Eat without excess

The time you eat dinner affects how much you fall asleep. Ideally, eat at least two to three hours before bedtime. It’s also about finding your balance: if you fill your stomach too much, you may wake up in the middle of the night. On the other hand, if you are hungry when you go to bed, you might also have trouble sleeping. So listen to your body: eat dinner several hours before going to sleep, and when you are hungry.

Take advantage of the wellness apps

While avoiding staring at your screen – we don’t forget our first tip – technology can help you fall asleep! Several applications like Calm or Dodow allow you to soothe the mind through different means. Some ASMR podcasts or playlists also alleviate stress or excitement to gently guide you into Morpheus’ arms. The sound of rain or that of a crackling wood fire are particularly renowned for their soothing properties.

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