How to regain weight after a diet?

The obsession and the cult of thinness! You too have succumbed to the sirens of appearance. A draconian diet, deprivation and voila, you have melted several pounds. The concern is that you don’t have to lose them: you can almost see your bones now! And in addition, you feel tired, out of breath, you have difficulty carrying out your daily activities, your wardrobe no longer fits, because you are floating in all your favorite clothes. And you want to gain weight to regain that famous healthy weight, the one that corresponds to a normal BMI for health. How to regain weight after a diet?

While others seek to stabilize their weight or chain plans to melt a few kilos, in contrast, you want regrossir after making a diet . Losing weight is not a trivial act and can be dangerous for your health (mental and physical) if you lose too much weight. You run the risk of being undernourished, which can have repercussions on your hair, your complexion, your nails, your teeth … With your diet, you have also melted everywhere: exit the generous and appetizing forms of chest, hips, buttocks, everything that characterizes femininity. Thinness does not appeal.

Adopt a low calorie diet

To regain pounds, the low calorie diet is effective. The principle ? Significantly increase the number of calories ingested daily. A woman needs 1,800 calories per day. There, it will be necessary to swallow the equivalent of 3000 calories to gain both weight in fat mass but especially in muscle mass. When you diet, muscles also melt.

In practice, it is not about adopting an unbalanced diet and eating fast food, fries and pizzas! This diet proposes to respect a division between carbohydrates and lipids. What changes is the number of meals. In addition to the three traditional meals, it is advisable to have a snack in the middle of the morning and in the middle of the afternoon with a fruit, a dairy product, cereals . Alternate eggs, meat, fish, starchy foods by increasing the portions . You have to put protein foods on your plate that make muscles work.

Take part in a sports activity

To gain weight, you will also need to build up your muscle size. For that, play sports. Sport builds muscles and will allow you to burn bad fat and strengthen yourself. Swimming and endurance sports strengthen the muscles and the silhouette, they strengthen flexibility and tone and will help you revitalize your slightly flabby body after your diet. You will feel better in your body and in your head, firmer and more lively.     

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