How to relieve tingling?

Numb hands, arms, legs, or feet, the tingling sensation is very unpleasant and can even be painful at times. It comes from a bad positioning of the body which leads to a decrease in blood circulation. If the tingling doesn’t go away after shaking the affected area, here are some tips to soothe temporary or regular numbness.

Get rid of tingling

Practice stretching

The main cause of tingling is a slowdown in blood flow. In order to alert your body, the nervous system sends it a message that will numb the area where the vessels are compressed. Whether they are in the hands, arms, legs or feet, it is therefore a question of reactivating the blood circulation in order to soothe the unpleasant sensation. You can do this by shaking, stretching or lifting the member affected by the tingling. Your blood circulation will immediately reactivate and the sensation will gradually go away.

Say goodbye to ants in the legs

Perform the self-massage

You can also boost your blood circulation by self-massage. To do this, prepare yourself a soothing and natural recipe: in a large bowl, mix a tablespoon of coconut oil, olive oil and mustard oil. Using your palm, spread the preparation over the painful area. Gently massage your nerves and muscles with small circular motions. Practice the self-massage for 5 to 10 minutes.

Dare to take a cold shower or an ice bath

Against numbness, ice baths and cold showers will do you the greatest good. Low temperatures send blood directly to vital organs, to promote blood circulation. By this natural drainage, the legs are less heavy and tingling more rare.

Go for herbal remedies

To fight against numbness, two plants have incredible virtues: cinnamon and turmeric!

The high potassium content and B vitamins present in cinnamon help in good blood circulation and soothe tingling pains. To take advantage of its benefits, pour a teaspoon of cinnamon powder into a glass of lukewarm water. Drink this preparation once a day.

Thanks to curcumin and its anti-inflammatory qualities, turmeric stimulates blood flow and relieves the disturbing sensation. To soothe yourself, mix a teaspoon of ground turmeric in a cup of milk. Heat the mixture over low heat, then add a teaspoon of honey to it. Drink this preparation once a day.

Take an Epsom salt bath

In order to soothe the tingling, you can also use the virtues of Epsom salt. Loaded with magnesium – because it is composed of magnesium sulfate crystals – it improves blood circulation and decreases tingling. To do this, perform lukewarm water baths with Epsom salt for 10 minutes. You can do it several times a week.

Exit the ants in the hands

Identify the aggravating factors

Tingling in the hands can be multifactorial. In order to fight against these, it is first a question of understanding where they come from. These aggravating factors include twisting movements of the wrist or requiring sustained hand strength, a low temperature environment (below 10 ° C) or repeated vibrations. Once the cause of the numbness has been defined, as much as possible avoid movements that could revive it.

Take care of your posture

Also, don’t neglect your postures at work. When we are focused, we tend to focus our attention neither on our body nor on our posture. Result: more or less pronounced pain, which we sometimes notice after several minutes. So organize your workspace to take care of yourself. To do this, avoid repetitive movements and vibrations. Pay attention to your positioning: place your wrists in line with your forearms and prevent pressure on your carpal tunnel. If necessary, invest in an ergonomic keyboard.

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