Why eating healthy can be dangerous for your health?

At a time when healthy cooking is more trendy than ever among foodistas, an eating disorder affects more and more people, prompting them to control their plates and modify their diets so that they are as healthy as possible. This is called orthorexia. And it is not without danger for health… Focus.

Healthy cuisine is in!

While eating healthy is undoubtedly a good thing, being obsessed with it is not, and can even be dangerous for your health. While we have long been encouraged to ban industrial and / or processed products and cook our own dishes to control their composition, but especially our diet, a new evil has been raging for a few years now … and is not without link with this diktat of healthy cooking that we impose on ourselves more or less unconsciously within our diet. This evil is orthorexia; an eating disorder that is defined as an obsessive focus on owning a healthy diet.

Eat healthy at all costs

People with orthorexia ban a variety of foods that they think are not “pure” enough. The quality of food takes precedence over the pleasure of eating. By checking food labels to make sure they only eat healthy foods, they categorically refuse to consume certain categories of food that they think are unhealthy. By controlling their food drastically in this way, so-called “orthorexic” people can develop serious nutritional deficiencies, lose a lot of weight and isolate themselves from those around them… thus degrading their health, both physical and moral.

Treat orthorexia

Anyone can get an eating disorder at any time in life. The causes vary from person to person, it is often difficult to put your finger on these, which are the cause of the onset of the disease. So if we notice some changes in the way we judge food, it is imperative to consult our general practitioner or a qualified specialist in eating disorders. He will be in the best position to guide us and deal with orthorexia.

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