What is the most dangerous cigarette of the day?

Smoking is seriously damaging to your health, we cannot repeat it enough. And whether it’s morning, noon, evening or night, whether you are in good or poor physical condition, whether you have a family history related to pulmonary or cardiovascular disorders or not, a cigarette n is never good!

However, it seems that over a whole day, some cigarettes are even worse than others, in terms of dangerousness. And the sad first place goes to… the very first cigarette of the morning, especially for those who smoke when they wake up.

Indeed, generally, when we smoke early in the morning, we tend to smoke our first cigarette quite intensely, thus inhaling a particularly large amount of smoke (obviously toxic smoke, full of nicotine and carcinogens).

In addition, according to studies from Penn State College of Medicine in Pennsylvania, smokers who smoke their first cigarette of the day right after getting up have a 79% higher risk than others (who wait at least an hour before smoking). smoke their first cigarette in the morning) to develop certain cancers, including lung cancer . Really alarming figures for compulsive smokers, which should – we hope – motivate them to wait a bit in the morning before lighting their first blonde …

In addition, smoking as soon as you wake up, in addition to being particularly dangerous for health, clearly promotes nicotine dependence. One more reason to change your habits and try to put off your first cigarette at the latest. The best is of course to stop them all!

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