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Weight loss treatment

 Dukan? Done, without success. Atkins? The same. Fricker? Not yet done, but we suspect the result will be the same … Okay, if the diets don’t work well enough for us, if we try something less random and more serious? Like a slimming cure for example!

 Getting away from the routine, the hassles and temptations of everyday life for a week, being pampered in a dream setting by a professional team who will have concocted a personalized assessment, there is worse to lose weight!

 What is it exactly ?

 Between thalasso, thermal cures, slimming cures, we lose our Latin a little … So for laymen of the cure, we will remember that a slimming cure is a “classic” spa treatment oriented on the problems weight. In short: a cure which treats the problems of overweight with mineral waters and thermal springs .

 These cures offer serious and complete programs, which combine care and nutrition  ; they have a dietetic unit, with dedicated nutritionists who accompany us throughout the stay.

 Why it works

 On the menu of a slimming cure, we therefore find: treatments (jet shower, penetrating shower, seaweed and mud wraps, massages to stimulate blood circulation and act against cellulite and fats …) , but also sport (aquagym, aquabiking …), without forgetting the nutrition part (diet throughout the stay) .

 In short, a complete program to remove our bulges and overcome our orange peel skin in the long term . Because more than to make us lose weight during the cure, these establishments aim to make us forget our bad eating habits; and that once at home, we can get off on the right foot in terms of food hygieneand nutritional balance.

 But if these cures are also effective, it is also thanks to the specific context: far from our daily life (and temptations!), From the routine and our worries, In treatment, we are truly disconnected, and we have a whole team whose sole purpose is to help us lose weight. Generally, during a course of 3 weeks, we lose on average 3 kilos . If once back home we stick to the diet and new eating habits acquired, it is up to us to transform the test!

 The best slimming cures

 There are many cures, but among the most famous we find:

  • The spa resort of Brides Les Bains in Savoie, known and recognized for the effectiveness of its slimming cures.
  • The resort of Vals-Les-Bains in Ardeche, ideal for overweight people also suffering from diabetes.
  • The Contrexéville resort in the Vosges, which offers balneotherapy slimming treatments over 7, 10, or 14 days to take advantage of the remarkable qualities of Contrexéville water.
  • The Eugenie-les-Bains resort in Aquitaine, renowned for its dietetic pole represented by a chef specializing in light gastronomy, Michel Guérard. 

 How much does a weight loss cure cost?

 Okay, let’s talk about numbers! If the total amount obviously depends on the place, the duration and the accommodation chosen, it takes on average 1,200 euros for a week . Of course, it costs more than a diet to follow over 4 days, but the results are also more convincing.

 Good news: social security can, under certain conditions, cover part of the costs of a thermal spa treatment for medical purposes. For this, it is necessary that the cure has been prescribed by our attending physician, then that we send to our fund a request for coverage (2 forms). The cure can be reimbursed up to 70%, but this does not include food or accommodation.

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