Why Does The Pegan Diet Help You To Be In Top Form?

Definition, principles, benefits … here is what the Pegan diet consists of, THE trendy diet for this year 2021.

At the crossroads between Paleolithic diet and veganism , the Pegan diet would be, according to the American nutritionist Dr. Hyman, the diet most favorable to our health. We take stock of this responsible diet, which has many advantages. Star of the diets of this year 2021, the Pegan diet, or peganism, is convincing more and more followers of healthy food , in search of a healthier lifestyle.

Rainbow food: when fruits and vegetables become trendy

Simple to practice, and ultimately quite close to the flexitarian diet, with a few nuances, this diet mixes certain precepts of vegan diets (no consumption of products of animal origin) and “paleo” (from the Paleolithic way of life, it advocates l diet of our ancestors who ate foods found in nature). Thus the consumption of animal proteins (meat, fish, eggs) is not excluded, but moderate.

Exit processed foods

The Pegan diet can considerably limit the intake of sugar in the blood. It gives pride of place to plants, preferably organic, and totally shuns processed and prepared foods, stuffed with sugars, preservatives and additives of all kinds. Exit also dairy products and bread. On the contrary, whole grains and legumes are tolerated, as well as good fats rich in Omega-3.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, which account for 75% of the daily diet, provide the body with a whole battery of vitamins and antioxidants. The remaining 25% is roughly reserved for the consumption of animal proteins (white and lean meats, fish) and cereals. In addition to being good for the body, the Pegan diet preserves the environment by encouraging the consumption of natural, organic and local products.

A diet that does not exclude

Since the diet does not exclude much, except processed foods and dairy products, it offers the advantage of being rather balanced and therefore does not create frustration, unlike many diets, responsible. the dreaded yo-yo effect. By practicing it, we quickly regain shape – thank you for the vitamins galore! – and one also feels physically less “bloated”. Be careful, however, to the excessive intake of fiber which can cause some stomach upset in some people.

If many individuals observe the principles of paganism on a daily basis on a daily basis, others practice it rather in the form of a ten-day cure. Péganisme is a healthy and not very restrictive diet that one can for example practice at the end of the holidays, before attacking the return to school. A good hearer …

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