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Basic health insurance: how to choose the best?

Wise advice, sample letters or deductible calculator, you will find here all the information you need to change health insurance, insurance model and / or deductible easily and with complete peace of mind.

Whether it is the price or the quality of service, there are several simple and effective solutions to optimize your health insurance contract without any compromise on the quality of care. Change of insurance model, change of deductible or change of health insurance: whatever your needs, santésuisse can now offer you concrete help: practical advice, a deductible calculator as well as ready-to-use standard letters. employment . But first, a little useful reminder in three points.

1. Benefits are the same everywhere

Basic health insurance, or compulsory healthcare insurance, covers all healthcare benefits defined by law and federal ordinances, regardless of the insurer chosen. In other words, the care reimbursed by the basic insurance is exactly the same from one insurer to another.

2. I am accepted by any health

insurance fund Any health insurer providing compulsory health insurance in your region is required to accept you if your application for affiliation is made on time (no later than November 30) and if you are up to date in the payment of your premiums and cost-sharing (co-payment).

3. No one can ask me any questions about my state of health…

In basic insurance, membership is done without any health questionnaire, regardless of age. A request for an offer is therefore unnecessary.

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