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should you sweat in the morning or in the evening?

Related to physical activity and energy expenditure, many of us believe that the more we sweat, the more calories we burn and the more weight we lose. So, info or poison? Does sweating allow you to lose weight? If so, is it better to sweat in the morning or in the evening to lose weight?

Sweating or playing sports to lose weight?

When our body tries to regulate our body temperature or eliminate the overflow of toxins accumulated in our body, we sweat. The origin of perspiration is multiple; we sweat when we play sports, when we are stressed, when we have a fever or just when we are hot. 

It is true that when we engage in physical activity and sweat, we tend to burn calories more easily and lose weight. We might therefore think that sweating would make it possible to lose weight. In reality, sweating is an independent mechanism. In other words, it is not the fact of sweating, but rather of playing sports and spending more energy than our food intake, which burns calories and helps us lose weight. 

Move in the morning to lose weight

But to lose weight, should you rather play sports, and therefore sweat, in the morning or in the evening? Are the energy expenditure linked to the practice of a physical activity the same at different times of the day? The answer seems to be no. 

Indeed, doing sport in the morning would be better for losing weight. Why ? Because the organism, recently awakened, must get under way; it is more stimulated and therefore able to burn more calories during the sports session. The earlier a sport is done, the more the metabolism is boosted, the more calories burned are numerous and the more we tend to lose weight.

As for breakfast, is it better to eat it before or after sport? There, everything is a matter of choice. Breakfast helps to boost the body in the morning which, if it is fasting and is subject to the practice of physical activity, more easily tends to burn calories, but at the same time allows to give it enough energy to stimulate it and give it the strength to keep up under the effort … It should be noted that several studies have shown that eating breakfast after rather than before a race would make it possible to burn more and more quickly fat in the body. Thirty minutes of running on an empty stomach would lose as much fat as two hours of jogging with a full stomach … To remember for those concerned.

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