How to lower your cholesterol?

Do the results of your blood test indicate excess cholesterol? Don’t panic, there are plenty of ways to lower your cholesterol through diet and lifestyle. So follow these few tips:

How to lower your cholesterol level?

Fruits and vegetables on the top of the podium

: Although they do not actively reduce cholesterol, the antioxidants they contain prevent LDL cholesterol from depositing on the walls of blood vessels. Eat fruits and vegetables in season and try to consume 5 servings of 80 g per day.

Hunt for good fats  : Prepared foods, butter or cheese contain bad fats that increase LDL cholesterol . Go for vegetable oils and eat nuts.

Invite fatty fish to the table : as an integral part of a healthy and balanced diet, salmon, sardines or mackerel contain essential fatty acids. These fish are rich in taste and omega 3.

Eat everything: To function well, our body needs a variety of foods. There are no less than 40 different nutrients, all of which are necessary. Consume and alternate fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, eggs, fish, fats and sugar over the menus of the week.

Say yes to fibers  : these elements present in plants capture cholesterol to cause its elimination and promote the evacuation of food waste. To increase your fiber intake, stock up on whole products (bread, rice), fruits, vegetables and grains (oats, barley).

Choose foods that are low in unsaturated fatty acids: limit your intake of saturated fatty acids. Instead, replace whole milk with skimmed milk, fatty cheese with lean cheese and butter with margarine.

Learn How to Read Labels  : Prepared foods like cookies, ready-made meals, or ice cream contain lots of hidden fats. If you learn to decode the labels well, you will be able to halve your daily consumption of lipids.

Limit your consumption of sugar and salt  : too much added sugars lowers the level of good HDL cholesterol and promotes weight gain as well as diabetes. Salt contributes to high blood pressure and can increase the risk of stomach cancer.

Move : whether you are overweight or not, sport is a key factor if you want to preserve your health capital. Exercise lowers LDL cholesterol levels, triglycerides, and blood pressure. Walk 30 minutes a day and take the steps instead of the elevator.

Finally, indulge yourself  ! To avoid getting frustrated, keep healthy desserts and snacks on hand (and in a bag) so you’re less easily tempted by cakes and chips that are high in saturated fat.

And here it is: by following these tips you can start summer well and develop good habits to stay in shape throughout the year!

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